OSA Press creates contemporary typography-led work using traditional methods. The studio’s output utilises our ever-growing collection of antique wooden and metal type, occasionally complemented by more modern techniques and processes.

The images above are a snapshot of some of the projects created using our presses over the past five years. They are specifically chosen to highlight OSA in collaboration, cahoots and conversation with brands, agencies, designers, artists and organisations. They illustrate the potential of letterpress printing, and the added value that this process brings to the table.

They are artworks, merchandise, gifts, keepsakes, call to actions, call to openings, stunts, rallying cries and manifestos. Printed material that is meant to be experienced. Not disposable, not ephemeral. Ink, paper, type and time, working together to make something beautiful, each one printed with love and by hand.

Or, as we like to say; Printed Goods, Printed Good.